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CSB Strategic Focus

1/ To institutionalise and make operational the CARICOM consultative mechanism as enshrined in the Civil Society Charter and the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. This will establish civil society as a respected partner and effective third pillar of governance along with the government, and the private sector.


2/ To be a strategic convenor and coalition builder for trusted national and local CSOs and civil society in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This will bring together CSOs and civil society for critical dialogue in key policy areas aimed at advancing national development.


3/ To facilitate capacity building and strengthening of CSOs in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This will help create a robust civil society sector that is sustainable, accountable and effective.


4/ To be an advocate of civil society views and concerns on key issues and concerns. This will make certain that civil society is championed and given the necessary space in public and policy debate.


5/ To build awareness and educate the civil society sector through the provision of training workshops and seminars. This will ensure that civil society can more effectively engage the critical issues affecting national development.

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