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In 2018, CSB started a project that will eventually lead to the self-regulation of our Civil Society sector.  We intend to develop and promote a set of values intended to influence the governance, behaviour and practices of our sector.

Self-regulation can be seen as an exercise of self-definition for the Civil Society sector as Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are helping develop their own standards rather than having them imposed by governments or donors.

Self-regulation will also give our donors confidence that we are serious about our governance.


Establishing the self-regulation initiative must be a Civil Society-led process and we intend to closely involve our stakeholders as we craft the initiative.

We expect the process to regulate our sector to take 3-5 years and will comprise of the following elements:

Step 1: Establishing a self-regulation initiative’s principles and standards

Step 2: Selecting a modality for a self-regulation initiative. We have a choice of  1/ Working groups, 2/ Information services, 3/ Awards, 4/ Codes of conduct or ethics, 4 a/ Code of Conduct with Compliance Mechanisms, 4b/ Code of Conduct with Sanction Mechanisms, 5a/ Certification or accreditation schemes, 5b Certification Scheme with Self-Assessment, 5c Certification Scheme with Peer Assessment, and 5d Certification Scheme with Third Party Accreditation.

We have started the process by drafting the Principles and Standards, which can be found below.

Draft Principles and Standards

A Guide to Self-Regulation

Briefing Notes Self-Regulation

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