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Our Theme 2016-2018

"Empowering Civil Society to Strengthen Democracy".  The next few years are going to be critical in achieving our aims and we have several initiatives that we are going to focus on during 2016 to 2018.

1/ Civil Society/Civil Service Symposium

Our goal is to foster understanding, empathy, and collaboration between Civil Society and the hierarchy of the Civil Service. Our objective is to create a space and culture where Civil Society & the Civil Service will meet at prescribed intervals to discuss ways to further national unity and national development. 

2/ Civil Society Organisation Capacity Building Workshop

Our goal is to strengthen the operational capacity of Civil Society organisations.  

Our objective is to host a yearly symposium where Civil Society organisations can come together to collaborate, partner and share new ideas.   

3/ The National Electoral Reform Campaign


Our goal is to draft and have enacted a National Electoral Reform (NER) Act.  Our objective is to remove all doubt about the fairness of our electoral processes, to set international standards of transparency in the political process, to mobilize thousands of citizens to push for the enactment of NER, and to encourage the best of our citizens to participate in the electoral process.

4/ Lobbying for the enactment of the CSO Bill


Our goal is to have the CSO Bill enacted.  Our objective is to meet with various cabinet ministers and parliamentarians to get their support for the Act.

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