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CSB is developing a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Directory in 2019. The purpose of the CSO Directory will be threefold:

  1. Strengthen the civil society sector by encouraging CSOs to group into clusters and collaborate within sectors and clusters.

  2. Strengthen the civil society sector by generating awareness of its diversity and depth to potential volunteers, directors and donors.

  3. Create a central area for delivering training resources, webinars, workshops to CSOs as well as funneling donations to them from potential donors.

The CSO Directory will allow Bahamian CSOs with opportunities to:

  1. Claim or create their CSO;

  2. Populate their account with information about their mission, vision, contact details etc.;

  3. Publish content such as events, photos, articles;

  4. Choose between multi tier membership packages;

  5. Send out requests for volunteers, directors and donor funding;

  6. Share their events and experiences as a board members/members/volunteers/clients served/donors/advisors on social media; and

  7. Collaborate with one another.

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