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CSB has developed a 3 Year strategic plan to help it  execute its mandate for Civil Society.  The plan was completed at the end of 2018 and approved by CSB's Board of Directors at their Board Meeting in December 2018. The purpose of the plan is threefold:

  • To strengthen the Civil Society sector to facilitate its role in the accountability, sustainability  and development effectiveness and impact in The Bahamas

  • To strengthen CSB to make it an effective Umbrella Organization of the Civil Society sector

  • To deepen and facilitate empowerment at the broadest level of the Bahamian society

The process to develop a plan started in November 2016, where a workshop took place to brainstorm ideas for the Strategic Plan. Directors from CSB took part in the exercise and sought to  recraft the The Vision, Mission, Core Values, SWOT and other elements. A second workshop was held in February 2017 when the Goals and Strategic Objectives were also discussed. 


The process was continued in May 2018, with the assistance of The University of the Bahamas (UB) to assist in the preliminary planning stages to survey and get input from the Civil Society sector.  A CSB member brainstorming took place in June 2018, a survey of CSOs was conducted in July 2018 to establish the needs of the sector and a final CSB member brainstorming took place in September 2018 to give further direction.


Brainstorm Nov 2016

Brainstorm Feb 2017

Brainstorm May 2018

Work Plan P1

Work Plan P2

Proposed Activities

Brainstorm UB 30 May 2018

Survey Q 1

CSB Survey on Needs of the Sector Jul 20

Survey Q2

Survey Q3

Survey Q 4

Brainstorm CSB Members Meeting 13 Sep 2018

Presentation 13 Sep 2018

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