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Our Projects

The UN states on its website that, 'Civil society is the third pillar of governance along with the government, and the private sector.'


The future of The Bahamas will depend on whether or not civil society takes its rightful place at the table with the Government and the Private Sector to participate in the governance of the country. 


We are involved in several projects that will help strengthen civil society and bring us closer to this vision.

Civil Society Organisation

Capacity Building Workshop

Our goal is to strengthen the operational capacity of Civil Society organisations. 



Government Consultation


We seek to influence national policy and promote greater power sharing, decentralisation, openness and government accountability.


Civil Society/Civil Service Symposium

Our goal is to foster understanding, empathy, and collaboration between Civil Society and the hierarchy of the Civil Service.



Good Governance


We advocate for a Tri-part National Good Governance Plan involving Government, the private sector and civil society.


The National Electoral Reform Campaign

Our goal is to draft and have enacted a National Electoral Reform (NER) Act.

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