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We believe the Civil Society Organisation Bill, 2015 will bring the following FIVE benefits to our members.

BENEFIT 1 - Provides registered CSOs with rights and privileges

  • relief of taxes, duties and imposts

  • relief from customs duty and stamp duty on imported goods for the benefit and development of its projects and programs

  • relief from work permit fees for foreign volunteers

  • relief from customs duties on international grants and gifts

  • refund of VAT on qualifying goods and services

  • relief of tax on interest on funds used for the management and disbursement of monies on credit for projects approved by the Minister

BENEFIT 2 - The Government through its Civil Society Secretariat will strengthen registered CSOs by providing technical and financial assistance in:

  • negotiating funding for CSB programs and programs of its members

  • collaborating with CSB on "request for proposals" that CSB members can bid on and execute

  • connecting CSB with international corporations planning to do business in the Bahamas

  • discussing the provision of funding to CSB and its members for the continued development of civil society in the Bahamas

  • discussing the availability of funding to CSB and its members

  • identifying and recommending suitably qualified and experienced civil society organizations to formulate, evaluate and implement projects funded by the Government or foreign funding agencies

BENEFIT 3 - Recognizes civil society and the role it plays in the sustainable development of the Bahamian people, environment, culture and traditions

BENEFIT 4 - Creates a functioning tripartite partnership between the Government, civil society and the private sector

BENEFIT 5 - Provides public accountability and public participation by engaging civil society organizations in Government decision making processes

  • provides for regular monthly meetings and consultation between CSB and the Minister

  • coordinates access and transfer of information to and from CSB

  • provides access to information on matters likely to affect the sustainable development of the Bahamas.

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